Month: September 2019

How I’m Learning To Expand My Consciousness
6 0 30 Sep 2019
In meditation and self help fields the word consciousness and awareness are…
One Pointedness
7 0 30 Sep 2019
Thag 1:49  RāmaṇeyyakaNavigationSuttas/KN/Thag/1:49Even with all the whistles & whistling,the calls of the…
Carlus Sego’s Breakthrough
9 0 30 Sep 2019
Carlus Sego's Breakthrough. Read from last page from bottom to top
Sunday quote: Nowhere to go
10 0 30 Sep 2019
Finally I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is…
How a Lack of Gratitude Kills Relationships
7 0 30 Sep 2019
Imagine that you’ve embarked on a quest to be more grateful. You…
7 0 30 Sep 2019
Bring those spaces into your everyday life, as many as possible. When…
If I could go anywhere in the world to learn, where should I go?
6 0 30 Sep 2019
I might have the opportunity soon. What are some specific places/monasteries/centers/retreats/anything where…
Thankful for this practice.
12 0 30 Sep 2019
Today marks a year of meditation. In some ways it has changed…
Are you able to meditate on mornings?
9 0 30 Sep 2019
I've tried multiple times but it feels too challenging. Like this morning,…