Any tips on doing a period of Silence

Any tips on doing a period of Silence


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I've been meditating for a couple of years and in March I done my first period of silence. It lasted a week and I found it absolutely incredible. I wasn't going through the best time when I done it, but it really enabled me to sit with my feelings and actually get to the core of it (the issue was an ongoing sporting injury that was getting me down)

The silence itself was just incredible for me. I didn't know what to expect before I done it, but it really gave me clarity of thought and brought a true sense of calm over me, and when I started speaking again I felt absolutely no need or want to speak. Since then I intended to do a day a week of silence but I didn't for whatever reason, but after this coming silence I feel I will.

I will be doing 10 days of Silence starting from Tomorrow. My girlfriend is gone for 10 days so it's the perfect time.

Last time I didn't actually really schedule any mindful activities and was still communicating through my phone, but I'd really like to meditate for say 2 hours a day or so this time.

Has anyone else here done periods of silence, and if so, what was helpful for you? Is there anything you would recommend that would deepen the practice?

I'll still be living my normal life, going to the gym, working from home etc. I really enjoy living in this society which is why I don't like to go on retreat. So any advice or questions feel free

Thanks (apologies for the long post)

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