Meditation exercises to find meaning in life?

Meditation exercises to find meaning in life?


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I've been meditating almost daily for a couple of year now. I sold, obviously. Have been relying on Headspace for quite some time, as well as some other non-guided apps and several books.

I'm finding myself in a place where I've got an opportunity to do whatever I can I life. By that I mean that I'm at a corner in life, where I can choose a brand new path for me and for the world. My life until then felt it was on autopilot, and I feel the need to find a profound reason to act.

What type of meditation exercises could I do the help these interrogations? Headspace has one (in the Appreciation pack) taht makes you ask yourself questions, but I'm unsure of how I could phrase those questions. Any ideas, either of questions or exercises?


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