Negative emotions from meditating

Negative emotions from meditating


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I've been trying to get into a secular meditation for 30 years. When I was in grad school, we had Herbert Benson (author of the Relaxation Response) come in and talk to our divinity school class about it. I have tried many times to get meditating, to the point where I start getting positive outcomes from it, both physical and mental. However, every time I start, I get a few days in and I find myself getting more upset at people rather than less. I have less patience with my wife telling me the same story she's told me before because I've got this sense of time and attention being important, and she's wasting it. When people are rude or in any way unkind, I get a kind of rage because I was in touch with this lovely stillness while I was meditating that morning and I feel like people are stealing my peacefulness. There have been a couple of times when I've persisted for long enough that these feelings went away, but I was wondering if this is something unique to my miswired brain? Has anyone else had these reverse-effects from medidation?

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